Use of Building for weddings, social events and other meetings

There are no building use fees for church members.
There are no building use fees for funerals of members or non-members. There is a fee for the custodian of $50.
For non-church members and for events intended for profit there are fees. Please call the church office for those fees.
If you want to secure the building for use, please call the church office first at 913-837-4760 to see if the date you have in mind is open. 
Restrictions for the use of building:
-During seasons of the church calendar, (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas) and Vacation Bible School, if there are decorations in the sanctuary, the decorations will remain.
-If  a conflict in scheduling due to a funeral occurs, the funeral takes precedence and the scheduled activity may need to be re-scheduled.
-No furniture can be removed from the sanctuary for the activity.
-Hymnals and Bibles will remain in the pews during scheduled activity.
-Parking will be on the south side of the building only so as to not restrict access to the homes on the west and east ends of thebuilding.
-No nails are to be used anywhere to display decorations. There are devices available in the church office to display some decorations.
-The sanctuary, Fellowship Hall and certain classrooms may be used as meeting spaces. It is advised to tour the building before you schedule to determine if the building is sufficient for the planned activity.
-The church's audio-visual system may be used for the occasion but there must be one person present at the planned acivity who has been instructed on how to use it.
-a custodian's fee of $50 is required for all activities.Other professional fees may apply for the minister and organist. Contact the church office at 913-837-4760 for a complete list of the fees.